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What is the silk georgette? Heng Ye Silk tell you
2015-7-30 10:47:01

1.Product introduction

Georgette also known as georgette crepe, is with strong twist crepe, crepe weft weaving a fabric warp and weft wire by S twist and Z twist two different twist to the strong twist yarn, according to the 2S, 2Z (two left and two right) and white arrangement, interwoven with plain weave, weave the warp and weft density is very small. Greige after scouring, because the thread untwisting contract wrinkle, silk surface is evenly covered with uniform wrinkles and loose structure, georgette. According to the raw materials can be divided into silk georgette, rayon Georgette, polyester Georgette and interleaving Georgette several, if weft using only a twist to weave Georgette said to shun fiber Georgette, Shun fiber Georgette presented by the bumppleated like irregular wrinkles. Georgette texture of thin transparent, feel soft and cool elastic, light and elegant appearance, with good permeability and drape, wearing elegant and comfortable. Georgette light, heavy, thick, thin, transparency, and satin crepe shrink effect depends mainly on the thickness of the thread, and composite, twist and warp and weft density. Georgetteformakingwomendress, senior dress, scarf, lanterns and other crafts.
Georgette: the fabric warp yarn with polyester FDY100D twisting, and then by steaming back the whole process of the special twist. Fabric structure with plain changes, in addition to having a soft, smooth, breathable, easy to wash the advantages, more comfortable, drape better. Fabrics can be dyed, printing, and can be embroidered, gold foil, folding, etc.. Listed in a variety of colors and light color fabric color shallow grain oriented products, both the beauty of elegant short ru. Fabric door 150cm, every Mick weight about 130 grams or so, is the production of spring and summer fashion women's ideal one of the fashion fabrics

2.Product characteristics

The lichtung fabric warp and weft, are particularly prone ventilation, together with the reduction in dyeing processing adequate and fabrics feel particularly soft, fashionable women, the pursuit of fashion fabrics, loaded into the torso, both elegant and charming grave and elegant. Also "stretch Chiffon" through the use of polyester FDY100D silk, weft used polyester dty100d / 48F to + 40 d spandex as raw materials. The products can show a linen style, and have the characteristics of retractable. Loaded into the upper body, wearing not only feel more relaxed, but also the added joy of blooming beauty. Cool and elegant, very feminine, icing on the cake for ms.clothing.
Georgette features
Thin and transparent texture, soft, soft and full of elasticity.
Light and elegant appearance, has good air permeability and drape.
Wearing elegant, comfortable, into the upper part of the body, both elegant and dignified elegant.
Good wear resistance, pilling, dimensional stability, not easy to fold.
The use of environmental protection, anti-static processing.
Cool and elegant, very feminine, icing on the cake for ms.clothing.


Due to the fabric warp and weft, especially easy to breathe, and then add the amount of dyeing and processing adequate and fabric feel is particularly soft, is the pursuit of fashionable women's fashion fabrics. Chiffon fabric texture is soft, thin transparent, feel smooth elastic, appearance is delicate Shuangjie, with good permeability and drape, wear comfortable body sense is very strong, very elegant; due to the characteristics of smooth and elegant transparent, georgette made women dress can bring the unparalleled beauty effect, full of romantic flavor. Loaded into the upper body, not only Zhen Yi charming and elegant, wearing more easily, but also the added joy of blooming beauty. Regardless of is to expose large areas of skin sexy clipping or intellectual simple cool styles, do not have to bother to match, georgette gown always let women add a hundred flatters and ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.


Silk georgette classification: silk chiffon and silk chiffon. A composition of silk chiffon, 100% polyester (synthetic)
Texture features: thin, soft, natural vertical sense of good, skin friendly feel good (of course, these are just appearance characteristics, and then how to imitate, still less than the real silk chiffon so good)
Second, the silk georgette component is a 100% mulberry silk fiber (NATURAL), those features of appearance with the above, and another long-term wearing of human skin is very good, cool, breathable, moisture absorption is very strong, smooth to the touch. These are silk chiffonthe reach.
Silk georgette (water shrinkage in about 8% grams 48 grams)
Silk chiffon (water shrinkage in about 10% grams 22 grams)
Composition of silk chiffon 100% polyester (synthetic)


Don't take long time beaded dress hanging in the closet, or soft and loose Joe Qihui sag deformation.
Take care not to touch water. If the local water, simply soak washing, ironing and stretching to avoid shrinking. Natural. Do not force dry after washing to dry.
The best decoration. Heavy Georgette flat on the wardrobe, so it is not easy to deformation.
. through a Joe the dress not placed in a plastic pocket, is best placed in a cloth pocket, ventilation will be contaminated by dust.
. sleeves Georgette clothes hanger hanging up, it is best to choose cloth hangers, or hangers ends with a small towel wrapped, sleeve will not be deformed. Spray perfume to pay attention to the distance. So as not to leave the yellow.
If you have red wine or grease on the party, there are two tips.
Method: first with a paper towel ceiling, to find soybean meal or flour, dry surface of the water, then gently disperse the powder, stain was naturally sucked. Method two: with soda water to wipe the stain is more effective.


The secret is to cut a piece of fabric with a lighter to burn. True: white smoke, exudes the smell of burning hair, dry ash was broken open after the drift.False: if all is aromatic (a little sweet taste, because he is the pet.) No broken open, you can know the composition.

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