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Chinese Silk Variety
2015-9-6 17:59:47
Chinese Silk Variety
China silk is a variety of exquisite style, known to the world. The main varieties of ancient silk silk, yarn, Qi, damask, Romania, brocade, satin, etc.; today, silk is divided into yarn, Luo, silk, silk, textile, chiffon, crepe, brocade, satin, Didi, Pueraria lobata, velvet, silk, and other 14 categories. Here, we mainly introduce the silk, silk, satin, Luo, jin.
"Silk is known as" plain weave fabric of thin, delicate texture closely the very flat. Plain weave fabric has appeared in the early Neolithic period, and are still in use. The ancient and WAN, Onyx, spinning, cloth, silk and other changes.
"Ling" is based on the basic features of the silk twill, can be divided into plain silk and satin brocade. Ling is a single change or twill twill fabric; Ghatpot flower is on the bottom of the single-layer twill fabric. "Ling" prevalent in the Tang Dynasty, and the "Liao Ling" is the most famous.
"Luo" is the weft wires torsion, silk fabric texture sparse. Ronaldo in the Shang Dynasty has appeared in the Tang Dynasty, Zhejiang and Sichuan more Luo monofilament Shu Luo are very famous.
"Satin" is only a manifestation of weft wire on the surface of the fabric, bright and smooth appearance of silk.
Satin was first seen in the Yuan Dynasty, become the mainstream products in the Ming and Qing Dynasties silk.
"Jin" is with the colored silk thread to restructuring woven into the colorful jacquard fabric, is the ancient silk structure is most complex, change is most abundant. In the Western Zhou Dynasty brocade. Song Jin of Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangxi, Sichuan brocade brocade brocade is known as the "four famous brocades Chinese".
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